Marketa Distasi, the owner and designer of Little Bookish Wardrobe, brings over a decade of experience working directly with children of all ages. Through her work, she has realized the vital role of imagination in learning and growth. Marketa firmly believes that books have the power to ignite a child's creativity and critical thinking skills. By providing the right books, a little encouragement, and a spark of imagination, children can develop a love for reading that will endure throughout their lives.

The idea for Little Bookish Wardrobe came to Marketa during a playdate where children of different ages dressed up and acted out scenes from a book they had read together. Witnessing the children's enthusiasm for the stories and their enjoyment in embodying their favorite characters inspired Marketa to create a subscription box. This box aims to engage children in entertaining activities while promoting reading and healthy playtime.

As a mother herself, Marketa finds immense joy in seeing children light up with happiness and enthusiasm while they learn and have fun.

Each month, the subscription box includes a children's book tailored for ages 3-7, along with 2-3 themed costume items and accessories to match the book's characters. Additionally, it features a hands-on craft. The curated books are considered "hidden gems," captivating stories that may not be widely known but deserve to be discovered. Little Bookish Wardrobe aspires to create anticipation among children for the monthly box, encouraging reading and nurturing their imaginations to soar.

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales" - Albert Einstein.

" Come with me where dreams are born


time is never planned "

Peter Pan