Marketa Distasi is the owner/designer of  Little Bookish Wardrobe. With over 10 years of experience working directly with children of all ages, Marketa has discovered the importance of imagination for learning and development. She believes that books can inspire a child to think outside of the box.  With the right books, a little push and a spark of imagination, children will grow to love reading and will continue to throughout their lives.    

Marketa came up with the concept one day on a play date, as she had children of various ages dress up and act out parts of a book they read together.  The children loved the stories and loved dressing up as their favorite characters and reenacting parts of the book, while imagining new scenarios.   Little Bookish Wardrobe brought these things together and created a subscription box that will keep your child entertained while encouraging reading and healthy play time.  

Marketa loves being a mother, and she loves to see children light up with joy and excitement when they are having fun and learning.  

With this fun monthly box, you can expect a children's book geared towards children from ages 3-7 years old along with 2-3 coordinating costume wardrobe and accessories to match the characters in the book.  It also includes a set of interactive role-play questions for the children to participate in.  We consider the books we find "hidden gems"- books that most people haven't heard of before but need to be brought to life. Our hope is that children will look forward to a new box each month that will encourage reading and let their imaginations soar!  

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales" - Albert Einstein.

" Come with me where dreams are born


time is never planned "

Peter Pan