Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Bookish Wardrobe Club? 

The Little Bookish Wardrobe is a monthly subscription box, created to help inspire imagination in your child!  

Each month, your child will receive a book to read, along with unique play costume pieces that match the theme and characters of the book. There is no better way to inspire reading than by making the character come to life!  

Our Boxes are filled with beautiful costumes, accessories, crafts, toys, games and other fun and educational items. 

Follow our interactive club on social media where we unbox monthly boxes, announce upcoming box themes and more. 


I like the idea but my kids are picky about what they read. Can I request a certain book?


Each box and the items included involve months of careful planning, multiple rereads, and plenty of back-and-forth with our vendors to ensure everything is as close the the description from the book as possible. We do NOT offer more than one title per month per box and we do not accept custom requests. 

The hint page is updated each month on the 5th, so you can always stay up to date on upcoming books!  If you're more curious and would like the exact title, send us an email at and we'll be happy to let you know the selected title up to one month before we ship. 


Can I try a box without subscribing?

Definitely you can!  When you checkout, you'll be able to check a box labeled "This is a Gift".  Gift boxes are one-time, non-renewing orders so you'll only pay for the number of boxes requested at checkout.    You'll prepay for a set number of boxes and once the number of boxes you've selected has shipped, your order will expire and you will not be charged again or receive any additional boxes unless you place another order.

If you sign up for a gift order and love it, email us at and we'll be happy to change this to a regular renewing subscription for you!

When will I be billed? When can I cancel?

New subscribers have between 1st and last day of each month to enroll in our next months box. For example if you subscribe on November 10th, you will be receiving a December box. Please note that in a case of our next months box being sold out, you will be subscribing to the following months box. For example if December happens to be sold out and you are subscribing in November, you will get your first box in January

Your subscription will be re-billed once a month on the 15th. You will be automatically re-billed each month until you cancel your subscription with Little Bookish Wardrobe. 

You must cancel your subscription before the 15th of the month. From that point forward, supplies have been ordered for the next box and refunds will no longer be a possibility for that month. If the 15th has passed and your card was charged, an you then cancel the box shortly after, please note that there will not be a refund issued, you will still receive one final box, and will not be charged for further boxes.

When do you ship your boxes?

Due to the rapidly changing shipping issues around the World we are forced to move our shipping times from the first week of the month to the second week. We will still try our BEST to push shipments to the fist week when possible but want our customers to know that this may not always be possible. 


If you subscribed between June 1st and 30th you will be receiving our July box (ships the second week of July). 

If you subscribed between July 1st and 31st your subscription will start with the August box (which ships around the 20th of August)

And so on. 

If you are looking for a box that ships immediately please consider our One Time Boxes located in SHOP. 

What company do you use to ship boxes? How long will it take my box to arrive?

 All our boxes are shipped through the USPS worldwide! All US packages should arrive within 2-3 days of tracking updating.  Our international packages should arrive within 10-14 business days of tracking updating, however international shipping can take up to 12 weeks to arrive in some unique cases.   If you do not receive a tracking number, please email us - all our packages are tracked and we'll be happy to locate the number for you 

Can I send your box as a gift?  Will the gift recipient be notified?

Our boxes make fantastic gifts !

You can select GIFT button in the upper menu, which will allow you to order a pre-paid, set number of boxes.  After these boxes have shipped, your order will expire out of the system and you will not be charged again!  This is also great if you just want to try a box without subscribing, so 'gift' one to yourself!

Our gift boxes do require a gift recipient field be filled out, though you can enter your own email address if you'd like the order to be a surprise!  If you enter your recipient's email address they will be notified about the box so please be aware of that!  To avoid this, just enter your own email address in the gift recipient email field.


When do you ship One-Time boxes?

One time boxes are located in our GIFT SHOP. These boxes ship 2-3 business days after purchase. 

What are your Cancellation/Refund Policies?

New subscribers have until the last day of each month to enroll in our next box. 

All automatic renewal subscribers will be charged (renewals!)on the 15th of each month. This includes all 1/3/6/12 month subscription boxes. Any cancellations after the 15th will not be refunded. They will receive one final box and then will no longer be subscribed.

If you would like to cancel your subscription please do so before the 15th of the month. From that point forward, supplies have been ordered for the next box and refunds will no longer be a possibility for that month. If the 15th has passed and your card was charged, any cancellations made after this time will NOT receive a refund; you will still receive one final box, and will not be charged for further boxes.

Do you offer Unisex boxes?

Yes! We currently offer Unisex and Girl Box. Our Unisex box is perfect for any gender. Girl boxes tend to have a lot of girly dresses and accessories. 

4 Unisex boxes are also featured during the month for ALL subscribers (including Girl boxes). Unisex months are announced ahead of time but usually are February, June, October and December (subject to change!)

How much does it cost?

Little Bookish Wardrobe Box is $49.99 with FREE SHIPPING around the USA.

What items are exactly in each box?

Our boxes are filled with exciting items. We try very hard to find the best items that are not only costume worthy but can be worn over and over for different occasions. Some of our previous boxes included backpacks, dresses, t-shirts, capes, jackets, hats, pencil cases, shoes, slippers … etc. 

Each Box Includes:

1 Hardcover Book (picture book - best for children 3-7 years old)

Costume pieces - sometimes we include a full body costume, other times it will be multiple items such as skirt, top, hat, crown, glasses .. etc. Usually between 3-5 costume/accessory items will be included. 

Interactive play card and game - our interactive play card is designed to help children memorizing certain story twists. We encourage them to play out certain scenes or explain what they have learned while reading this book. We also include a game to keep your child busy!

All items in the box retail for a total of $65+ 

When will I receive the box?

Our boxes will be shipped out the second week of each month. Shipping times may vary depending on location. You will receive the box the first or second week of the month

Are you sold out?

Announcement via newsletter, social media and website is made when we Sell out. You will  then be able to order boxes for the upcoming month (- if August is sold out, you will be able to pre-order for September and so on).

Will I know what is in the box before I purchase?

Part of the Little Bookish Wardrobe experience is the "secret" .  Ever month we announce themes for the upcoming month boxes but we do not tell you what the book or costumes are going to be. If you'd like to know what will be hiding in the next box, please feel free to contact us at 

What happens if my box gets returned back to Little Bookish Wardrobe?

In the case of your box being returned to us due to an incomplete or incorrect address, or other issue caused by purchaser and not by LBW, you will be required to cover the extra  shipping costs to re-send your box! Please make sure you have entered your address correctly! If you need to make any changes to your current address and don't know how to fix it in your account contact us so we can help! 

I have twin girls. Is there a way to get just one box with two costumes? 

Yes! We now offer twinning and sibling boxes. Our Twinning boxes have two of everything except for a book. Sibling boxes have a girl/boy box pack in one.

Do you offer gift boxes that are available for immediate purchase?

Yes! We have multiple gift box options. These boxes are boxes from preivous months and ship worldwide within 2-3 business days after purchase. You can find them at

Do you offer Holiday Boxes such as Christmas Box? 

Yes! Every year we feature a specially crafted Holiday box. This Box is sold separately in our Gift Shop. Box usually goes for a pre-sale around November 15th.

I didn't like my box. Can I get a refund?

Boxes are unfortunately non-refundable and we don't accept returns. If an item is damaged or a package is lost, please reach out to us at and we will do everything we can to help resolve this.

For more information about our book boxes please contact me at