You wont want to miss this month's themed box! 


Boy Box

"Soaring through the sky!"

 In this charming circular story, a homemade jetpack is the catalyst for a boisterous fantasy adventure that blasts a young engineer from home, to school, on a visit to his Nana, and finally to outer space before he starts to miss his family and returns to Earth. The cast of characters is stylized clothes-wearing animals, appealingly reminiscent of the inhabitants. The writing is cheerful and straightforward, and the illustrations often fill in humorous details to the plot, giving young readers and their adults great fodder for conversation about the clever interplay between words and images.

Girl Box

" Under the Sea "

The beautiful classic about a little mermaid who lives under the sea with her sisters and her father with a little twist here or there will be your new favorite. The little mermaid leaves her home but promises to come visit soon. This book is not your typical Disney story which makes it more interesting as you do not know what to expect. Your little princess and princesses will adore this story and the gorgeous artwork throughout the whole book. 

It will be your new Go To Book!