November Themes 

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 Girl Box- The Secret Garden 
This classic tale retold for children is sure to spark your little ones' imagination and wonder. Orphan Mary arrives at Misselthwaite Manor sad and cranky. With the help of a clever bird, a mysterious key, and a new friend, Mary discovers a neglected garden and a lonely boy who is in need of happiness and inspiration.  They all come together and find that a small garden can bring so much joy and wonder to their lives! 

Unisex Box- All for one and one for all
 These admirable adventures of a poor young nobleman, who leaves home and travels to Paris to enter the elite group that guards the King of France.. He joins the most inspiring musketeers of the age; Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. They need to work together to triumph over Cardinal Richelieu. This classic is a riveting easy read and one of the most famous historical novels ever written.

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Due to the ongoing shipping issues around the USA, November boxes are expected to ship around November 20th.
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