You wont want to miss this month's themed box! 


Girly Box: "Space Walk" 

This story is out of this world!  When you want to go out to play, sometimes chores have to be done before.  There are also rules you have to follow to be safe! Well, this little astronaut has to do just that before going on a space walk!  This story is beautifully illustrated and will take your little one to a whole new galaxy.  

* this month's Girly box could be used as a unisex box as well

Unisex  " Can you be a Chef?"

Cooking is something that can be fun and challenging.  A heartwarming story about a royal person who is looking for a personal chef. He tries foods from many chefs but isn't impressed. Until he took a chance with a nervous cook, and learns he is the right fit for the job. The plot twist will make your little one giggle and be inspired to cook by the end too!

Order between June 1st and June 30th to get these boxes!