You wont want to miss this month's themed box! 

 Boys- Prickly Hugs

This adorable story is about Hank. Hank was a cranky little guy who was content on his own. Every day friends would go by and say hello and he would just shoo them away. Until one day someone mentioned that no one wanted to hug him.  He thought long and hard and decided to try and be nice and get a hug. 
The ending will warm any prickly heart. 
This book was written by an amazing artist who the lead designer behind Ratatouille, Brave and our favorite - Despicable Me.

Girls- Where Is Pinky?

Field trips to the zoo can be magical.  As one class finds out, there is many different animals at the zoo. A  zoo keeper sets out to show a class around, when a cheeky little animal decides to escape and follow the kids. The kids spot this sneaky little friend at each animal enclosure. They try to tell the zoo keeper but she doesn't realize what has happened.  Readers will love following this little animal on her tour of her very own zoo. 
Fans of Tad Hills and Jory John will absolutely love this hilarious picture book.