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Kindness by mail

One tiny act of kindness can have a huge impact. And in this heartwarming, hopeful, absolutely true story, a simple letter does just that.

A true story that quickly went viral, this is now a timely, extraordinary picture book. This book follows an eleven-year-old girl as she writes a letter of thanks to her postal carrier, and creates a nationwide outpouring of love.

This is a story of gratitude, hope, and recognition: for all the essential helpers we see every day and all those who go unseen. 


There are lots of ways to help the world go round:

Some people collect the trash.

Some stock grocery shelves.

Some drive buses and trains.

Some help people who are sick.

Some deliver our mail.

And some people write letters.

This extraordinary book was written by a very young writer, and it is absolutely perfect for the Holiday season no matter what you celebrate.