May Box


Girl Box

Prima Ballerina 

Betty dreams of becoming a ballerina and performing onstage. When she is at home, she’s unstoppable, happily twirling, leaping, and pirouetting through every room. But when she gets to ballet class, everything changes. Betty suddenly feels clumsy, self-conscious, and nervous she will forget the steps to her dances. Follow along to see if she will find her poise and balance in time for the big end-of-year recital. Your little ones will shout BRAVO
for this adorable little ballerina.

 Unisex Box

 Shark and his Fishing Friend

This silly story about a shark and his friend that go fishing is sure to
make your little one laugh out loud. A tongue-twisting adventure with a
mix of words. Shark wants a pole, but his friend gets him a pail.
And instead of bait, beet and a boot!  Instead of keys to the car,
the shark receives cheese from a star. Will Shark and his buddy ever catch anything? Find out why his clever friend mixes up all the words!